Order points and globalize

He tried to create a symmetrical structure, the definition that he believes does the task correctly; the problem is when the surface is broken or the surface is changed, the point structure is again disordered.
I am looking for a better strategy to preserve order regardless of direction or direction.
sort_point.gh (978 Bytes)

just doing the rotation causes the definition to fail

Hello sailor!

I really can´t perform any kind of operation to test where it fails… maybe some sliders are missing?

If you could label wich surface is failing things would be a lot easier. I don´t see any kind of rotation component in the script you uploaded.

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use this component to navigate between different surfaces.
I try to keep the order type for different surfaces.

I have three groups of rotated (item 1-3-5) and non-rotated (item 0-2-4) surfaces
those that are lit are the surfaces where the condition is met; the other three surfaces that are in each group not lit is where the condition is not met.

sort_point.gh (978 Bytes)


The problem is here. If you want that your defenition works in any condition regardless the object orientation, you must avoid using world coordinate compenents such as YZ plane. You have to make object oriented references. for instance create a mirror plane from your surface.



I ask in another way
I’m just trying to match this: 2 = 1

do you have another method
But I like the idea, it gives me freedom to use surfaces that are not limited to world coordinates.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot solve this problem of ordering the points so that the surface does not fail?
works in one UV direction of the surface but in the other direction it no longer works well

Why do you use mirror and not the rotate component?

hi @shackleton
because the points would be in the opposite direction the idea is that at the end there is a piece with symmetrical points

Marinero! Veo que sos de colombia, la tierra del buen café! Si te es más facil, podés explicarme nuevamente el problema en castellano.