Re-orienting Surfaces to the same direction

Dear Grasshopper community,

This has been one of the things that truly drives me crazy in Grasshopper. I made a triangle and divided it into triangles through Lunch Box. The surfaces that comes out seem to have different orientation without an order. Even if I explode the surfaces and re-build them again, they still follow the same order (Probably because the points are built in different orders in each triangle). I even tried to using my own lines built in grasshopper without any plugins to divide the triangle but the same issue keeps coming up.

So I realized that the only solution is to actually re-orient all the surfaces or flip them to the same direction even if they are not ordered correctly as long as I give them a Vector or Direction to follow.

Any clues how to do that ?

Question.3dm (72.4 KB)

Trin (40.4 KB)

Like this?

Trin (42.2 KB)


I always hate when the solution can be done in 1 click and I have spent litterly hours trying to figure it out xD !

Thank you so much ! Exactly what I wanted.

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