Internalize, select geometry from Rhino to Grasshopper

Hey Guys, really simple but annoying topic. I have a bunch of surfaces on rhino that i had then organize and put their numbers to later laser cut them. I forgot to internalize this information and after I opened the file today the reference was gone, I set them again and the given numbers change. I try to select all the surfaces from different angles, on different viewports but the current given numbers doesn’t match with the ones that i laser cuted and i need them correct to assemble the model ( i want to have a visual help to assemble).
There is a way that the selection affects the numbering on the surfaces?? i just select all at once as normal.

I highlight the number 0 cause is easy to notice that they don’t match. Printing (157.8 KB)

I solve it… I don’t know… I just internalize and then bake from there… internalize again… and somehow it read the list different… weird things XD

generally speaking, the order you click things in Rhino while refering them in GH is exactly the very same sorting they will appear later in GH: the first one you clicked while referencing will be item at index 0, then second one index 1 and so on
referencing the very same X geometries in a different order will result in lists that contain the very same X elements, but shuffled

Given the opportunity … against suggestions blah, blah … I would strongly advise NOT to internalize anything (most notably Breps).

not true :slight_smile:, it’s rather unpredictable how geometry is sorted in grasshopper, it’s somehow depending on how the selection is done. I made some tests:

As it seems in this case, window-selecting right-left/left-right doesn’t matter but top-bottom does. Also if the component is initialized before or after the selection is made.
However. OT, scnr

Cant you select all, sort by position?

well… if you have nothing selected, right click → Set multiple geometries, then click on the single geometries one by one, the order you click stuff is the very same List sorting you get inside GH

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How do you get this “sort by position”, not known to me…

User Text on the 3D can be passed down to the Curves via Attributes. This way you can modify and group as needed.

Elefront Required.

Re_Printing (17.1 KB)

might need a script but sort by X, sort by Y… order by X or Y… or area, what have you…

Thing is that there is nesting software to do this… (OpenNest comes to mind…)

Woo that’s amazing, is exactly what a meant, what happens when you window select, not individually select.

Thank you, I see there is also Sort Pt. I had in mind from an old topic (couldn’t find it now), that it doesn’t work properly but in this case it does.

Why? :slight_smile: