Orca3D and Rhino 6


(Bhays) #1

The current version of Orca3D (V1.x) is not compatible with Rhinoceros 6. We are currently working on a new version of Orca3D (version 2) that will run in Rhino 6, and hope to have a Work-in-Progress (WIP) version of Orca V2 available later this spring. We follow the same distribution model as McNeel in that major updates (e.g., Rhino 5 to 6 or Orca 1 to 2) are paid upgrades, while minor updates and service releases are free of charge to existing customers. Of course you can continue to use your current version of Orca3D and Rhino 5 as long as you like.

(H Coster) #2

Is there any news on version 2 of orca 3d ?

(Bhays) #3

We are getting close on the Version 2 WIP. Our team is busy testing, and we’re finding and fixing a few bugs before we release it. This initial WIP will be compatible with Rhino 6 (not with Rhino 5), and will be available at no cost to those with an Orca3D V1 license. This initial WIP will be very similar to V1 in scope. The actual V2 release will be a paid upgrade, once it’s available.

(Tfish) #4

I bought Rhino 6 about 9 months ago for the sole purpose of using Orca3d. Then I found out it wasn’t compatible. I was told that I could downgrade my purchase to Rhino 5 and then purchase Orca3d or else wait till Spring of 2018 and everything would be compatible. I didn’t want to downgrade because I was told that getting back to Rhino 6 when everything was working with Orca3d would cost me more money as an upgrade charge going from Rhino 5 back to Rhino 6 again. So I’ve been waiting patiently for eight or nine months unable to use my software purchase. My question is are there any further updates on the progress of version 2 and, when the WIP version is available, can I just purchase it at the price that the final version 2 will cost so that I don’t have to pay for an upgrade going from WIP to final product? I would really like to start using as soon as possible and not have to wait for the final version 2 to purchase Orca3d.

(Mazlanmanaf2018) #5

Can we have a response from the vendors on this. I believe many are interested in the status and expected roll out of version 2. Thank you.

(H Coster) #6

yes please.

(Bhays) #7

We hope to release the Orca3D Version 2 WIP (which is compatible with Rhino 6) by the end of next week. This WIP will be free to use for those with an Orca3D Version 1 license, until we have the full release of Version 2. The full release of Version 2 will be a paid upgrade when it is available.