Rhino has been my tool for marine design for a couple of decades now and I thought Orca3D would be announcing their V6 plugin here soon. I guess there are some shuffling of the ownership decks at ORCA but hope that will get sorted out and things will get caught up. I don’t know if readers here remember that Orca was originally known as RhinoMarine and when I saw this illustration a couple of days ago I thought I should post it here to share.


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Is that speculation or do you know something?

Post on March 2 by Bruce Hays of Orca3D about development of Orca3D V2 which will be compatible with Rhino V6:: Orca3D and Rhino 6

Orca3D is now owned by the core team that has developed and supported Orca3D since its first release in 2008. Larry Leibman, George Hazen, and I have left our former employer and negotiated the rights to the software. We have formed a new company, Orca3D LLC, which is entirely focused on Orca3D. Technical support was never interrupted during the transition, and development is back underway. We will post news on updates (including a version which will be compatible with Rhino 6) here and by email to our user community. Larry, George, and I have been working together developing marine software for thirty years, and we’re really excited by this latest transition.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@orca3d.com with questions.

I spoke with Bruce about three weeks ago just before he made that post here. I told him that Rhino users were getting nervous about their phone numbers coming up as ‘out of service’ and that prompted him to start an ORCA folder here and reassure everyone that the v6 plugin was in the works. Orca3D is just a small part of Bruce’s business and DRS Technologies was the parent company. Big defence contractor I see that it got bought up by an Italian group a few years ago. Bruce and the Orca guys on his staff are trying to promote a couple of other naval design softwares (Simerics MP and ExpressMarine) so no telling what is happening in the boardrooms. I’ve been using their marine plugins almost as long as I have Rhino (20 years!), all the way back to SLICER I think it was called. It was the genesis of RhinoMarine and Orca3d.

 Bruce said that the upgrade for Orca3D would be available around the May date which marks the discount of the Rhino6 upgrade deal. Hope Orca does an similar early bird price.

Just saw the post now by Bruce, so I'll wait along with the rest of you. 

Good luck on hanging out your own dedicated shingle Bruce!