Orang 2.5 & 2.5 New

Helllo friends. I’m looking for these two plugins for rhino: orang 2.5 and 2.5 New.
Nowhere I could find them. They’re good for shoe sole design. I’ll be so thankfull if anybody guides me.:pray:

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Hi @Akram.EL
HTH, Jakob

Thank you so much. Can’t I download it?

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Hi @Akram.EL
Doesn’t look like it, no :person_shrugging: They talk about on-site training and installation, so my guess is that it’s a highly specialized (and probably expensive) plugin. There’s both mail and phone number on the website, so drop them a mail and see if they have a trial version available.

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Thank you so much. You really helped me :hibiscus:

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Hi Akram!

I surely can help you, contact me by e-mail please. orangrhino@gmail.com
I’m a official agent

Piracy is a crime sir

hi sir, i am giving for educational purpose of the orang tutorial videos. which was in youtube.

You are offering the software in this post, and as far as I know you are not an authorized agent, and this is piracy. Outside China temps only two authorized agents.