Or, And Gate


I’m making a building based on a grid, I would love to make a script in grashopper where I can say “whene my grid is based on 4 squares the room become something”.

Has someone any idea how I can do that?

Thank you!!!

Hi @yutah.geeraerts,

This is a very vague description - for people to be able to point you in the right direction I think you’re going to need to be a lot more detailed.
There are And and Or gates under the Math>Operators tab, but it sounds like you’re after more than that?

Hello @yutah.geeraerts,

Here is some advice on how to do this :


I’m sorry for my vageu description.

I’m having a maze and this maze is based on a grid of squares. Now I want to make a script where the room change automatically depending on how many squars it include.

Thank you!