And operator

Hi everybody,
I want to pick up the rectangles with an area>860 m².
I made juste one condition but i didn’t know how to match 2 conditions: rectangle and area. :slight_smile:
And.3dm (182.0 KB) (13.0 KB)

Not sure what you mean by match, but if you want the rectangles larger than an area, just plug those rectrangles into the L on the dispatch.

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Does this work as expected, I put the And in an expression to reduce the need for extra components. The way I got the rectangle was found was it has to have all 4 side containing lines and only 4 of them.

Also included a way to do it in stages that I disabled as maybe quicker if your only calculating area for the rectangles than all the shapes. (72.2 KB)

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I mean join 2 conditions

thank you it works :slight_smile:

Just looked back at my reply and realised you could have 4 sided rooms with angled walls. So the first code would break. Added another And in the code to check angles. If the relative item fails, check the tree structure of the input to see the {0} pattern matches.

And - (66.6 KB)