Rhino 6 - Controlling Panels Visibility

I work in Rhino 6 with two monitors and place my panels on a separate screen. Is there a way to control the panels so when I click out of Rhino into another program they do not disappear? For example, when I click into VRay to assign a material, the panels disappear because I am no longer in Rhino. This is annoying when I am rendering because the panels are constantly appearing and reappearing. AutoCAD has a function that allows all panels to remain locked and in the same place regardless if you click out of the program. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Hello - in this case, since the panels are floating, you’ll need the test command

testHideOnDeactivate > No

You can add this as a macro you your start up commands if you need it all the time (as it is not persistent between sessions)


Hi Pascal,

I have never used Macros before. Can you help or refer me to a tutorial?


Hi Emanuel - if this command does what you want, you can use this macro (Copy/Paste)

_testHideOnDeactivate _No

in your Options > General page, > ‘Run these commands every time Rhino starts’: