Hide Panels Command?

I need a command to hide all the Panel windows on my second monitor (like the tab key does in Adobe Illustrator) without changing the focus of the application… does one exist? Also it should toggle…

Hi Mr Pelican- That does not exist…

  • By all panel windows, do you mean you’d want separately docked groups of panels to all toggle at the same time, correct?

  • I cannot tell of you want only panels on the second monitor to toggle, or if all should but what happens to be bugging you now are the ones on a second monitor.



When I am trying to follow along with a tutorial, the wiindows or panels that support different plugins and functioning within Rhino, are hard to see through. They are very helpful when I am not running a tutorial on my left monitor, as the information is at the ready and not plugging up the visual real estate of my right screen. see examples attached:

and thank you Pascal for your reply!

I use a macro on a button that works well for me; you would need to customize for the panels you like open.

-_layer _V _toggle _enter -_displayproperties _V _toggle _enter -_properties _V _toggle _enter -_help_V_no _enter

(in my case I didn’t want the help panel and found it kept turning up, so I put that in there to keep it hidden at all times)

I am on a single monitor, not sure if it makes a difference.

Thank you for that Mark!. I think that the tab function found in illustrator is primarly to clear up there main monitor window (and probably only window for most users) to better visualize the work in progress, but if you were to have three monitors and hit the tab key … all the panels or plug-in specific windows would be hidden on all three monitors. A nice toggled cleanup feature.

Thanks again - Greg

Hi Mark,
You say the help panel kept turning up but found a way to keep it closed.

When I run that I get a ‘unknown command’ echo on the command line. As far as I can tell, the help panel is called by running CommandHelp but cannot be turned off.

You’re right, Wim, it isn’t doing anything, guess it was wishful thinking when I put that in there!

I just saw Mitch’s script in This Topic and your response.

I guess, as a follow-up, @pascal, in RH6, perhaps all panels should have command line options to control visibility?

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Hello @MrPelican, I think what you are asking is pretty much the same as what I asked before in a previous thread.
My Solution: Use the
command (With the -
) and select which items should be visible.
My personal choice is the following:
_-Fullscreen ShowCommand=Yes ShowStatus=Yes ShowMenu=Yes ShowTitle=Yes Enter
Which I have added to an alias and a button. MIchael VS

Well, I tought this sounded useful, so I copied and pasted your string into the command line and tried it. Very nice, but now when I use the normal ‘Fullscreen’ command, it uses these settings instead of the default ones… any idea how I change it back?

You should be able to set it the way you want by using the -Fullscreen command (with the hyphen).

There is no option to use the factory-default settings so you either have to remember what those were or use what you like.
[A quick check here shows that everything is set to No in the factory-default].

Thanks Wim.
Meanwhile it ‘fixed itself’. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? :slight_smile:

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