Option for vertical drawing

Hi all,

Sorry for the un-clear topic.
While working with the 3D view, I just wonder if there’re any other options as I describe here:
-View: perspective.
-Cplane: World, Top.
-Command: Rectangle (normal, without any options of the rectangle)
-----> If we use it in a normal way, the command will add the dynamic rectangle on the current Cplane World, Top. If we keep holding Shift or Alt or any, the dynamic rectangle will be working on other Cplane World, Front or World, Right.
By the normal way, we need to type: “rectangle vertical” to do them, or set them to aliases as “recv”.
Sorry for this stupid question.
Thanks and have a nice day.

you can try the command oneview which dynamically updates the cplane this will allow you to rotate the view in perspective view and as you rotate the cplane will update as you rotate.

you can then draw on the cplane as it updates.