Optimizing NVIDI GeForce & System for Rhino

I have searched the internet and these forums for about 30 min and am looking to see if there are any tweaks I can use to optomize my GPU (or anthing else for that matter) for performance.

Below is my config (which will be upgraded in a few weeks to 64GB DDR4 3200mHz
Any suggestions? I am using Rhino 5 until I can save up for 6.

[System Summary]

Item Value
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
System Model MS-7C37
System Type x64-based PC
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor, 3600 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB (soon to be 64 GB
Total Physical Memory 15.9 GB
Available Physical Memory 11.5 GB
Total Virtual Memory 43.7 GB
Available Virtual Memory 37.2 GB
Page File Space 27.8 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys
Virtualization-based security Not enabled
Device Encryption Support Elevation Required to View
Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes
Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes
Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware No
Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes

DirectX version: 12.0
GPU processor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
Driver version: 471.68
Driver Type: DCH
Direct3D feature level: 12_1
CUDA Cores: 3584
Resizable BAR No
Core clock: 1807 MHz
Total available graphics memory: 20440 MB
Dedicated video memory: 12288 MB GDDR6
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 8152 MB
Memory data rate: 15.00 Gbps
Memory interface: 192-bit
Memory bandwidth: 360.05 GB/s
Video BIOS version:
IRQ: Not used
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen4

Rhino is designed to work best with the driver default settings.
This is why we routinely recommend running a “Clean install” when updating drivers to eliminate any settings that have been diddled.

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Well, that’s easy enough. I am surprised that there is nothing at all that could help. Thanks for the info anyways :slight_smile:

There never really is anything in the drivers to change, all those settings can be set by the software itself, it’s something that maybe mattered 15 years ago.

There’s allways things that can be done. First step is figuring out what’s causing your slowness. What are you experiencing and what are you comparing against?

Thankfully, there is no slowness…just looking to make things like rendering and certain operations faster :slight_smile:

I personally flip these two settings- I see more of an effect on hybrid laptops than desktops.
Smarter folks may disagree and if so please correct me-

I also make sure a windows profile for rhino is set to high performance. Again more effective in hybrid laptops-


thanks for suggestions :slight_smile: