Optimizing complex grasshopper definition

I have very large and calculation intensive grasshopper file. I am struggling reducing calculation times. I have lot 3d calculation going on on parallel. (calculating orientation planes, vectors, holes in geometry, etc.) These are needed for example to remap (orient) to horizontal plane. TO reduce calculation I figured out probably I can save time by turning of this part of the solution.
To do this, I am using dispatch in every parallel calculation with the same boolean, to stop the information flow to the unwanted part of the solution.
This is quite tedious. Is there any practical solution to handle this?

You can use the Data Dam object to either temporarily delay or permanently block the flow of data. A temporary delay means you can make a quick set of changes (say, drag a slider) but it will not recompute until after nothing has changed for -say- one second.

A permanent block means you have to manually click on the dam in order to solve the next part of the file.

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