Optimize cross section

good morning, I am a student at the Polytechnic of Milan, I am writing my master’s thesis using Karamba 3d, it concerns the optimization of bridges. I have some questions.
•in practice I divided the road into two sections, one is made of concrete and the other is made of steel.I used two differenze line to beam component. using optim-cross section I would like to be able to let him choose the lightest one, giving a range of wall thicknesses. I would therefore like to optimize two different lines at the same time, is it possible to do this? if so how?
• I created the cost of the structure through mathematical actions based on the dimensions of the cross-sections placed, is it possible to optimize by imposing the minimum value of the cost value? by, for example, varying the length of the concrete part and the steel part?
• as a last question I was wondering if there was a command that, given an array of values, would tell me the maximum value, for example by using a polyline and looking at “utilization of beam” I would automatically have the maximum utilization value among the given values.

I thank you for the time you dedicate to me and I hope for a response as soon as possible. thank you very much.

If I understood you well, you can either use two different OptiCroSec components in the same script, or entwine two different models into one Tree and then run two optimizations with just one component.

I encourage you to share here your definition or a simple minimal example of your problem for further assistance.


Hi @Vigardo,
it should work. Did you give it a try?
– Clemens

Thanks for the answer, do you mean that I collect one opticrosec- to an other opticrosec through model-model? Like in the picture?

in this way first I optimize a firts part and then it takes the first optimized part as a model and optimizes the second part right?