Optimize general cross-sections in truss

Dear experts,

I want to optimize all the cross-sections of a truss tower. However, I don’t want to use the list of standard profiles in OptiCroSec component. I just want to optimize the diameters and thicknesses of circular tubular members, for example. Would Karamba do this easily? I haven’t found any info about this.

As a workaroud, would it be possible to create an individual cross-section for each member efficiently in Karamba? I mean, not manually creating a cross-section component per member to be optimized in Galapagos.


Hi @Vigardo,

you can use the Cross Section component to create a list of unique circular profiles which you can use for your optimisation process. You can refer to this example - https://www.karamba3d.com/examples/hard/projected-array-of-lines/.