Opossum solver start/stop clicks & DataDam delay

When i used Opossum solver i needed to detect start/stop buttons clicks
This is a way, if someone want recreate it with c# which is better and more stable with ExpireSolution(True)

import System

class MyViewEventInfo:
    def __init__(self):

        #opened forms
        forms = System.Windows.Forms.Application.OpenForms
        #find opened forms and choose opossum window
        windows = []
        for i,n in enumerate(forms):
            if n.Text == '(M)opossum':
        if windows:
            window = windows[0]
            #find tabs in opossum window
            ctrls = window.Controls
            for i,n in enumerate(ctrls):
                if type(n) == System.Windows.Forms.TabControl:
                    tab = n
            #find tab in opossum window called Run Optimization
            tabs = []
            for i,n in enumerate(tab.Controls):
            tabs[0]  #the first tab index 0 Optimize!
            #find groups in the first tab
            for i,n in enumerate(tabs[0].Controls):
                if n.Text == 'Run Optimization':
                    group = n
            #find buttons in Run Optimization group
            buttons = []
            for i,n in enumerate(group.Controls):
            buttons[0].Click += self.OnClick
            buttons[1].Click += self.OnClick
            self.start = buttons[0]
            self.stop = buttons[1]
        if windows:
            self.check = self.start.Enabled
            self.check = None

    def OnClick(self, sender, e):

print MyViewEventInfo().check
a = MyViewEventInfo().check  #output

And this code with c# to change DataDam delay time without limits

private void RunScript(int n)
    TimeSpan time = new TimeSpan(0, 0, n);
    GH_Document ghdoc = owner.OnPingDocument();
    if (ghdoc == null)
    foreach (IGH_DocumentObject obj in ghdoc.Objects)
      if (obj.NickName == "Dam")
        Grasshopper.Kernel.Components.GH_DataDamComponent datadam = obj as Grasshopper.Kernel.Components.GH_DataDamComponent;
        if (datadam.Params.Input[0].NickName == "Input")
          datadam.Delay = time;