Reset Kangaroo Solver while clicking in Rhino Viewport

@DanielPiker is there a way to force a Reset on a Kangaroo solver while clicking / manipulating meshes in the Rhino viewport?

I already have a button in the Grasshopper Panel but I’d prefer a shortcut which I could set to a button on my 3D connexion keyboard.

In my imagination that could be a macro, I just have no clue how?

If you have a script that gets keyboard input, like you posted here

couldn’t you connect the boolean from that to the Reset input of the Solver?
I’m not sure I’m following correctly though.

That script requires the mouse to be in the Grasshopper Canvas.

How about something like this- (9.8 KB)

If you press the Control key and click the viewport while in Rhino, it should reset the simulation.
The issue with using modifier keys like this though is that it’s hard to find ones that aren’t going to interfere with other Rhino interactions like selection etc.

Thanks that almost seems to do what I need.

Would it also work without the Grab goal? I don’t really need it?

It needs something to trigger the gh solution to update.

In my example above I did that with the Grab, because that is updating with each mouse interaction, so by connecting that check for the Control key downstream of it, it checks it whenever there’s mouse interaction at the same time as the keypress.

Alternatively you could connect a Trigger to the script.

I think in that case I’ll just use a Grab component.

Thanks again

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