OpenNest 1.5.1 runtime error on main component, even in example files

Hi All,

I’ve installed OpenNest 1.5.1 via the package manager (and also via food4rhino) but I am getting an error (below) on the main “OpenNest” component, even when I open the example files.

I’ve attempted uninstalling it and reinstalling it from the package manager, and also installing and uninstalling it from food4rhino (which sent me to the package manager anyway).

I saw in another post that Petras mentioned “You need to have .dylib file in the folder.” but i wasn’t sure if that was Mac specific.

I’m running Rhino V7 SR17, Windows 10 Enterprise.

Any ideas?


Error message:

1. System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named 'setData' in DLL 'minkowski.dll'.
   at OpenNestMinkowskiWrapper.MinkowskiWrapper.setData(Int32 cntA, Double[] pntsA, Int32 holesCnt, Int32[] holesSizes, Double[] holesPoints, Int32 cntB, Double[] pntsB)
   at OpenNestLib.Background.Process2(NFP A, NFP B, Int32 type)
   at OpenNestLib.Background.getOuterNfp(NFP A, NFP B, Int32 type, Boolean inside)
   at OpenNestLib.Background.getInnerNfp(NFP A, NFP B, Int32 type, SvgNestConfig config)
   at OpenNestLib.Background.placeParts(NFP[] sheets, NFP[] parts, SvgNestConfig config, Int32 nestindex)
   at OpenNestLib.Background.sync()
   at OpenNestLib.Background.thenOpenNest(NfpPair[] processed, List`1 parts)
   at OpenNestLib.Background.BackgroundStart(DataInfo data)
   at OpenNestLib.ONest.launchWorkers(NestItem[] parts)
   at OpenNestLib.NestingContext.NestIterate()
   at OpenNest.OpenNestFullComponentCleanUp.SolveInstance(IGH_DataAccess DA)