System.DllNotFoundException: minkowski.dll assembly …

Hi, I installed OpenNest 1.5.0 via the package manager, but I am getting System.DllNotFoundException: minkowski.dll assembly:<unknown assembly> type:…ernel.IGH_DataAccess DA)

I verified that minkowski.dll has indeed been installed and disabled macOS Gatekeeper using spctl --add ~/Library/Application\ Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/packages/7.0/OpenNest.

Did you download Mac or Windows version?
You need to have .dylib file in the folder.

If you have any previous version or installed OpenNest via packager manager, delete it.
I will upload to package manager a bit later.

Hi @Petras_Vestartas, I see. .dylib didn’t come with the yak install from what I can tell.

I am on Rhino 7, that’s why I thought 1.5.0 was the version to use. 1.3.5 works.

The one that you downloaded 1.3.5 is the latest one, I forgot to change the name.
I will also upload the OpenNest Mac for Package Manager soonish to ease the installation. I am aware that these files are not currently there.

Can you upload the screenshot of your mac working version to be sure everything is correct?

Not entirely sure what you mean. This is a screenshot of the component in action. Project throws an error, but the core functionality appears to work:

And these are the files that came with the download. The archive was named opennestmac202100718.

Thank you for your help (and for making OpenNest!)

Looks great! :tada:

Can you upload the .gh file, I will test what is happening with project component ?

Sure here you go: (169.1 KB)

It seems that project works with only polylines but you had some circular cuts. I can add a small improvement of such in the future.

Also nesting tolerance could be decreased to get better packing: (178.0 KB)

That’d be awesome!