Openings show in Top View but not in Layout Detail

VA openings in my model are not showing in Details in Layout View. Here’s what it looks like in normal “Top” View:

And this is the Layout Detail of the same view:

Display Mode is “hidden” in both cases. I’ve tried refreshing the detail view by double clicking in it and made sure the cut plane is set correctly.
Any idea why this is happening?

@accounts2 could you share that 3dm file so we can better understand what’s happening?
Attach it in this Topic or send it to

I’ve sent you the file through wetransfer since it’s 80 MB

Hi @accounts2 it looks like the cut plane was not activated inside the detail viewport:

Thank you, I wasn’t aware of that switch. I only checked the Cut Plane Height of the Level. I’m only starting out with VisualArq