Door swings not showing up in detail view placed on layout sheet

The door swings are not showing up in a detail view placed on a layout sheet. I’ve tried aligning the cut plane to the level but it still doesn’t work. I can see them in the same view when viewed directly through a view port, but not when I place it in a layout for some reason. I’ve attached the file, does anyone know why this doesn’t work?Florance House_14.3dm (18.0 MB)

Hi @seflorance, it looks like a problem related to refreshing the view in that Detail. Try this:

  1. Unlock the Detail
  2. Open the Level Manager (vaLevels)
  3. Double click inside the Detail, and double click on the “Floor1” level in the Level Manager.
  4. Make sure the Cut plane is activated for that level in the Level Manager.
  5. Do a Pan zoom inside the detail view.
  6. Double click inside or outside the detail to exit it.

This should fix the problem momentarily. But we will revise this behavior in order to prevent it from happening in future occasions.

Hi Francesc,

Thank you for the fix. But when I pan/zoom I lose all the dimensions I placed in layout space because they no longer line up with the model. Is there a good way to do this where I do not lose the layout dimensions?


Hi @seflorance,
if you do a Pan zoom, the scale of the view won’t change. Then, after you exit the Detail, you can just select all dimensions and put them back in the right position.
Alternatively, you can also draw the dimensions in the model space.