Opening 3dm file in Revit 2022

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue while opening 3dm file as a liked CAD in Revit 2022. Major part of the model is missing… I would like to know how can I open it with everything that the model has but i don’t really know what it could be

It would be better if you share an example file so we can simulate your problem on our side.

wich one? the 3dm or the rvt??

3dm file of course.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

this is not a 3dm file. This is a Revit template. Could you share your Rhino model?

I uploaded both

any clue??

Anyone can help??


What is your intent with the geometry in Revit? You will want to refine your process to fit the needs.

Here I referenced all the breps and meshes and fed into direct shapes.

Of the 3451 Rhino elements there are relatively few geometry errors [21].

I would like to know what i should do in rhino to “refine” the model so I can send it to revit without those problems, so I can start generating technical drawings/schemes

You will want to get rid of anything superfluous in the Rhino document first, depending on what technical drawings you are trying to produce – wall framing isn’t going to need soda cans for example. This should eliminate a lot of the geometry issues (really small surfaces).

The next step is to determine what type of Revit elements you want to add. All direct shapes is an option but there are good reasons to make families, create walls, add doors depending on the documents required. How things are named, scheduled & tagged has a influence in these decisions, as well as Level of Detail of each object in each view.

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so after cleaning the model, if I open this file in a revit with a complete template it should work better? because the solids would be able to be under those families and stuff?

The a blank revit file is pretty sparse, best to use a template.

Have you been able to get the direct shapes to load without any warnings? That’s the place to start. Then you can create a new file and start creating more specific families as you need to from the geometry you know that works.

Feel free to ask questions, just try to be specific and along the lines of the grasshopper sticky where you create a new topic that others looking for the same issue might be able to find in the future.

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i know I sometimes can piss you guys off with my posts and maybe it won’t sound so specific. But this happens for some reasons like:

Some times the person really don’t know how to ask, because of the complexity of the shape or question and english is not mother language. I try my best but don’t always succed about making me being understood. So by not knowing how to specify my geometry doubt a lot of times I wont be able to find a matching question by the search tab.

This topic here i couldn’t find anything simmilar to it, only for transfering geometry by revit in side plug-in which I would like in a near future to able to not need anymore… or at least be able to properly label elements and everything that it needs in rhino so it can be easily export to revit without having to run 2 programs at the same time, as rhino has been pluginezed by revit and because of that my machine almost explodes