Problem importing .3dm file

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to import a rhino model of my campus into revit, but keep getting this error. I’m not sure what it means or how to resolve it.

Thank you so much for any help in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Vicky,

If you are using the Rhino.Inside.Revit Import 3DM button the options are going to be limited. Can you Expand the error and get more details?

What RiR version are you working in? Thanks.

Hi Japhy,

Thank you for replying! I’m using RiR 1.7.8194.7007 . As for the error message, there isn’t anything else when I expand it :')

In any case, do you know of other methods of converting a .3dm file into .rvt besides modelling from scratch?

Thank you so much!

Vicky, Tell me a little more about your process. Are you importing into a project/new file?

One option would be to open a new file, purge the materials (either via UI or RiR) and import your file. Another would be to identify the material name conflict and rename.

Hi Japhy, I’m importing into a new project! There isn’t much else to the process as this is just the first step :sweat_smile: I’m not very sure how I will proceed if I manage to import the file successfully.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll try them out :slight_smile: