OpenGL shadows bug?

Is something wrong with shadows? I have a larger scene where the shadows are alle blurred out even at 178 MB. And if I hide everything but a tree and a plane it still looks quite soft. (Like 256kb shadow maps used to look in 3Ds max back in the days) The tree is a block.

And in scene (close to w0,0,0 and no stray objects)

@stevebaer can you shead some light on this topic?

I feel that the OpenGL shadows are way to low res. When I used to render in 3DS max back in the days and used shadow maps (not raytraced) I rarely went above 1024x1024 resolution for the shadow maps and that gave crisp shadows. But In Rhino I feel I have to jump up to 200MB in memory use.

Here is a simple ark model with nothing placed far from the building and this is the default result:

This is just lit by sun as extra light.

What is the memory slider actually affect?
Does it affect the SSAO too?

This would be a question for @jeff

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Thanks. I tried looking it up and came across this calculation. Is that relevant?

2048 x 2048 = 4,194,304 (4.2 megapixel)

4,194,304 pixels X 16 bit = 67,108,864 ÷ 8bits = 8,388,608 Bytes ÷1024 = 8,192 Kilobytes ÷ 1024 = 8 Megabytes

I also saw that you need the double so you can display one image while rendering to the other.
(So 16 MB for a 2048 shadowmap for one light)