OpenGL: Noise bumps and environments


Hi @jeff
I am having issues with OpenGL and noise bumps when using environments, they have a different size and handles the light + the mesh very differently.

I’ll send you a dummy file if you need an example. (I’ll have to make a dummy since I can’t send the original, so I’ll only spend the time making one if you need it.)

And here is the same file with bump turned off:

Also as you can see the edge softening is showing “on top” of the overlapping shapes in OpenGL.

(Jeff Lasor) #2

Hey Jorgen,

It was discovered almost at the beginning of V6 development that bump mapping was just plain wrong. I won’t go into the details, just know that I was being really stupid on the matter :slight_smile:

That being said, bump mapping as well as reflections with bump mapping is now almost perfect in V6’s display…unfortunately, it required a pretty major change to the shaders and cannot be done in a V5 SR.

So please send me your example and I’ll post the results from V6 to see if the issues still exist.



Hi Jeff,
That’s great! And I look forward to test out V6!

I attached a remodeled part that does not have accurate units so it looks almost the same.
(So feel free to use it for what ever you want.)

dummy_bump.3dm (568.8 KB)