Best way to close a curved gap in SubD

Hey everyone. I´m very new to SubD in Rhino. I’m trying to learn to model in that style, so I’ve decided to try and model an organic shape, in this case, a shoe last. I’m wondering if anyone could help to determine the best way to close the following part:

I’ve tried _Bridge and a combination of _Fill and deleting faces and arranging them in a smooth manner, but I get the feeling that’s not the way to do this. I’ve attached the file if someone wants to help.


Untitled.3dm (393.9 KB)

Create a rectangular SubD plane smaller than the hole with the same number of edges as your hole. Then bridge.

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I normally prefer to use the Fill command with Ngons option to close the hole then using the Inset (selecting the created single face) to create an even subdivision around the edges.
Some simple weld for the intermediate line and the result will be perfect.

1 add edge

add one more edge, so your opening has 32 edges.

2 initial bridge

build an initial bridge 12x6 faces.
and delete the selected faces / loops.
after deleting you need
the result is similar to what @martinsiegrist meant with “rectangular SubD Plane”. (but with this approach you already get closer to the shape.

3 final bridge

now bridge the entire opening

4 File

shoeLast_01_tp_rh7.3dm (517.4 KB)


Thanks Martin. But how would I maintain the curvature or the general shape?

I hope my post above answers this question

Thank you Tom, that looks nice.
Thanks everyone!