Only ask for scaling once when linking in external files

This is a simple request to change a small detail in the linking workflow for a much improved user experience.
I am currently working on a slightly complex project where I am assembling a series of photoscanned objects delivered to me in FBX format.
These pieces of geometry change every day and I have therefore chosen to insert them as external blocks and choosing to link them into Rhino.

ISSUE: Currently when linking in a FBX file with other units than the ones the current Rhino document uses, a popup is presenting me with an option to scale the file locally to the new units. This is great and I place the linked in pieces and I finish my days work, save and close Rhino.

When I then open the file again the day after, I am presented with a new set of popups for each linked in file to choose to scale them again… I have hundreds of pieces linked in and it takes forever to click the button each time i open the file.

Could it be made so that rhino only shows the scaling popup upon the first linking operation?

Hello - got that, thanks -


Thank you. Also for the quick respons :slight_smile: