Blocks prompt and layer management

Hello everyone,
There are two concerns from my end related to the insertion of blocks in Rhino.

01 : I have inserted blocks into a rhino file. Now, every time I open the rhino file it prompts for the scaling of FBX files. How to avoid this?

02 : When these FBX/OBJ files are inserted as blocks, they create a separate layer for themselves.
I tried making a parent layer for these blocks but every time I reopen the file, the block layers appear as independent layers.

Also, the block layers are linked with the current layer when importing the blocks.
It doesn’t change the layer status when I try to shift blocks from the current layer (which got linked while importing) to new layer or simply the block layer.
The blocks visibility is controlled by two layers.

Hi Anuj,
May we get a FBX model from you that will show us the issue?
You can open an delete anything that you do not want to share.
You may post it here, or for more privacy email it to

Also, what version exact Rhino are you using? And what platform, Mac or Windows?
Thanks for your help.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training

Hi Mary,
I am using Rhino 6 for Windows. The dialog box pops-up after Vray Batch rendering also.
I tried uploading the file here but it says that FBX format isn’t supported.
I will mail you the file.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Just an update.
Anuj emailed me a file.

I could see that when Inserting an FBX of inches into a Rhino files with a meter scale, Rhino first asks for the standard import options, and then with FBX is asks about to scale geometry by the conversion factor or to continue at fill scale.

The next time the parent file is opened the Linked block is resolved, and the same 2 dialogs appear. The first with FBX import options, has a “do not show again” option that can be checked and assumed as default when FBX files are imported or resolved.

However, the scale dialog, has no option to “do not show again” .
And to make this even worse for Anuj, is Vray batch render opens that files and also stop at this scale dialog.

I have logged RH-55936 Insert Linked Block Issue - Scale Dialog Needs a "Do Not Ask Again."

As a work around, set up a Intermediate file that embeds the Fbx and applies the scaling.
Then in the parent 3dm file, link to the intermediate file.

The intermediate file embeds the FBX, so it will not update automatically with a change or update to the FBX. The intermediate file will require manual updating if the FBX changes.

We will update you on this issue as it progresses.
Mary Ann Fugier

RH-55936 is fixed in the latest WIP