One Text Object for every List Element

I would like to create a room list and read things like names, areas, etc. from the polylines (room definitions). My problem is how can I create a text object for each element with the information to fill the list?

In the upper right window you can see the 3 example rooms and part of the list, unfortunately without the data. I would like to use Grasshopper because I use the areas there according to German DIN and Wfl. can evaluate.

Many thanks for the help.
Bjoern Smolarek

a table out of the data, per room? I like to make a csv out of data, then send it to text.

you can do something quickly with your data as well, the create text component just needs a point.

see attached… (11.8 KB)

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Oh thank you in advance. I’ll take a look at it.

Best regards

how did you get everything spaced out? All of my text overlap using your def. Also, what are the geometry looking objects between the wires?

the between the object wires are for organizing, part of the autoGraph plugin. Just copy the entire definition to a new file and restring the wires.

You can double click on a wire to add a Relay, which helps clean up the wires and is a native component.

uncheck Enable Model Space Scaling in the Annotation Styles dialog. (9.7 KB)