One of my plugin commands' disappears when compiling VBasic plugin in release mode



Hi there,

I don’t know what I might be doing wrong but sometimes: One of my plugin commands’ disappears when compiling VBasic plugin in release mode.

The current state is that:

  • I have created a VB plugin, in the beginning it was supposed to have only one command but now it has three on the same plugin.
  • ML_Version
  • ML_Version2
  • ML_Export
  • The problem is that ‘sometimes’, when I compile the plugin to deploy the latest version to another workstations (in release mode), only two of the commands appears installed in the other station:
  • ML_Version
  • ML_Export

I’ve rebuild, reboot… and verified that the plugin loaded is the latest version…

It had happened once before and I don’t know how or what I did that time to got it to work on track. But now I don’t know what else should I do.

Can any one send me in one direction?


(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

Multiple commands in the same plug-in is not a problem. You need to make sure, however, that each plug-in has a unique GUID code. If you copy-pasted one command class and renamed the command, the GUID code may be the same. You can find the GUID code as attribute on your class definition.


Hi Menno,

The problem is that I had it working in the previous version. But after new modifications and several re-buildings, the second Command disappeared… not showing only the first command, nor even removing the third, the only the second command is removed from the command list. :frowning:

Thanks any way for your comment


I think I’ve found the problem.

I was creating two classes in the class constructor instead of creating them inside the function "RunCommand"
That maybe the reason why: some creation delay or memory consumption.
I don’t know yet. But is working now.