Enter repeating the wrong command

Enter (space bar) is randomly (?) repeating the wrong command. Are you aware of the problem @marlin and @dan?


not something i’ve been seeing… (5.0.2)

when you say randomly, are the commands being repeated ones that have been used recently? or do you mean random as in _Trim might run even though you haven’t used it in the session?

Yes. Not the last command used, but something a couple of commands earlier…

No :smiley:


No, I haven’t seen this one. Odd. I presume you can’t reproduce this and it happens “randomly”…?

(There are some commands that are exempt from repetition).

No, I can’t, sorry… I just have to pay attention next time it happens (it happens with different commands). It’s also not those “don’t repeat” commands (delete, etc).


Similarly (the randomness) Rhino will choose the wrong command when a command other than the last command is chosen via RMB too. The “wrong” command is usually the last command rather than the command deeper into the RMB list.

Been doing so for at least a year and I haven’t noticed a method to reproduce. Wild guess…maybe it happens about 1-5% of the time.

Good I’m not alone :smiley:

To me it happens much more often - perhaps 20% of the time. Quite annoying actually…


Yeah, I think I’ve noticed this too. (Similar to the OSnap state bug…it gets weird after awhile and it’s not possible to reproduce…yet). I’ve dug through the code on this one and I can’t find anything suspicious. Thanks for keeping an eye on this.

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Someone within McNeel figured out a repeatable set of steps and reported it. This is fixed in the next RhinoWIP and Rhino 5.1.

That’s great, Marlin! Thanks!