One Layer On - Off?

I need to work with only one layer from all the layers that I have in my document and I choosed the option “OneLayerOn” to isolate only the layer I want to work with but seems that I can’t undo the command? I can’t find a way to anulate the command and revert the visibility of the layers like was before activating this command. Any options to turn the other layers back on?

P.S: The OneLayerOff command seems to have other purposes.


The command ShowAll will make all the layers visible again.

Thank you for replay. Indeed it is working but this command it is a little bit tricky to say, because don’t appear in the command toolbar even if I write the entire sentence.


Thanks for the report, I filed two bugs to hopefully make this more easily discovered in the future.

Hi Macuso - using LayerStates may be a way out here.

! _-LayerStateManager _Save "Temp" Enter _OneLayerOn

! _-LayerStateManager _Restore "Temp" _Enter


It would seem that Showall should be added to the drop down list right under One Layer On

Or after pressing the OneLayerOn button to change the label of that button in “Return to initial layer visibility” or something similar.

Yes please!

This command would be a huge help. the only solution I can think right now is to save a “layer state” to return to after turning off the one layer.