One layer on command does not show the latest layers

I need to leave turned on just two layers, one being the layer for the object currently selected.

I decide to use layer state manager to restore the layers visibility and order etc so visit that, its all greyed out, click save then all appears tickable, click save again and close it
Next I go to layers icon and select one layer on,
up comes the layers list, but it is missing the layers I created in tha last two minutes.

thus unable to select them, yet they are in the layers palette.

Placing that alongside and matching it up they are not there.

what is the best way of turning on just the layer selected, I would then need to go to the other layer, or maybe one can highlight two layers and say leave this on ?


I think the layer state manager takes a “snapshot” of the layer state at the time you save the state, any layers added after the fact are not included in the snapshot, so maybe that’s what you’re seeing.