One "curtain panel pattern is showing differently on the two Surfaces


I applied one curtain panel pattern family on the two different surfaces.
It appears to be differently as the below image.

The two different surface use the same GH script.

Does anyone could give comments for this issue?
Thanks for your help in advance.
Revit 2020 and Rhino 7
Adaptive family.rvt (6.0 MB) Adative (51.1 KB)

All my projects at the moment are in 2019, 2020 & don’t have 21 loaded right now.

From the image it looks like family is dependent on being on X or Y axis.

Hopefully someone with 2021 can take a look.

Hi Rickson,

I changed Revit version to 2020.
Could you have time to look at the files?

In the floor plane image, the glass panel goes differently, even though the right side panel suppose to look like left side panel.

it still says its a later version.

If you rotate your curtain wall (the one with the incorrect adaptive family) what happens? -45, -90 degrees


It became more weird.

Is it because of adaptive family itself or something else?

Here is source files: Revit 2020 and Rhino 7
Adaptive family.rvt (6.0 MB) Adative (66.1 KB)


I checked the family which is “curtain panel pattern based” family instead of “generic model adaptive”.
I am sorry for my misunderstanding and your time.
When I applied “generic model adaptive”, it worked fine.
The two different family almost acts same way. That’s why I misunderstood.

I am curious that why the “curtain panel pattern based” family is not working,
even though It has four adaptive pts.