One-click polysurface from edges?

@Helvetosaur so this is the last step for my work on this sofa tmw. Is there a way when edges extracted, deleted the dups to kind of one-click make surfaces again? I know it’s probably difficult to tell Rhino how to connect the edges (via Loft?) but then I could easily find my final shape via this process of constanly editing edges, then creating the overall shape with connected polysurfaces, to see how the sofa looks then repeat the process until I find the desired dimensions.So similar to the CurveNetwork command but just with simple loft surfaces. I know this looks strange but would be ok.

Thank you

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EdgeSrf on each set of 3 or 4 curves/lines will work. PlanarSrf only works on 4 lines/curves if the lines/curves are co-planar. In either case you have to manually select the edges of each surface.

There may be a Sub-D command in V6 or the expanded set of commands in the V7 WIP which would do what you want but I’m not familiar with those commands.

I expect someone will provide the standard “Use Grasshopper” response.

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Yes as stated by David many (myself included) would immediately point to a quick grasshopper solution given this is doable in several ways. If you’re staying ‘manual’ in rhino you could alternatively:

a. find a rhinoscript or python script that makes surfaces or patches off of closed connected boundaries which can but do not need to be planar
b. make your polysurface and move its solid points around with linear dimensions annotated along edges
c. make the polysurface and use a deformer like ‘cage edit’
d. make the polysurface and individually select its faces or edges to scale or move or rotate them with the gumball

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MeshFromLines then ToNurbs then MergeAllFaces.

MeshFromLines does a better job in V7/WIP, it looks like.

 _MeshFromLines _Pause _DeleteInput=_No
 _Enter _Sellast _ToNurbs _DeleteInput=_Yes
 Enter _Sellast _MergeAllFaces



@pascal this one works wonders. Thank you!

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That script works wonderfully. Thank you, Pascal! Any way to include this as a default command in future Rhino releases? It’s very useful, especially now that SubD is integrated into Rhino 7.

I set it as a RMB command of the “Extract wireframe” icon located in the “Curve from object” toolbar:

By the way, why “Extract wireframe” does not have an option like “Smooth=Yes/No”? When I try to extract the raw wireframe of a SubD model that have been shown in its basic form with the “Toogle SubD display” tool, Rhino extracts a smoothed out version of the wireframe, rather than the basic wireframe consisting straight lines.

The only thing I’d add is I’d put "! " (exclamation mark plus space) at the start of the macro.


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I know that the “!” mark does something, but I forgot what exactly it is. :slight_smile: The macro still works without it.

I actually moved the macro as a RMB to the “Surface from network of curves” tool, because the latter also uses a bunch of curves as in input. Feels more logical this way.

You may visit the page to clarify things.
Section Commands Macro and Scripting

Rodolfo Santos.

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Thanks! :space_invader: