Old Bug Returns? (Annotation Edit OK/Close/(cancel))

The old bug:
(bug report references a discourse thread)
There’s no difference between OK and Close when editing an annotation.
Annotation: Edit Text dialog box has OK and Close buttons functioning the same : RH-55374 (myjetbrains.com)

There’s a pull request and I think the ‘announce’ bug state means that it was fixed and ready to go?

Right now, the behavior is still: either OK or Close seems to accept changes and close the form.
Example: Open this model. Doubleclick the dimension. Pick another font (top dropdown). The dropdown is immediately applied OK or Close seem to be equivalent.

I assume that the original intent was an OK/Cancel/Apply form.

Also: the help button on this form then goes to help for the Dim command, not help regarding the edit form- I wasn’t able to find a help file for the actual form but I didn’t put any real effort into it.

annotation-edit.3dm (44.6 KB)