Old API ShapeDiver issue


Since month we use the Old API from ShapeDiver to export documents.
We didn’t have the time to upgrade all our developments to the new API V2.
Since last week, the old API is not working anymore.

Did you stop the old API? How can we continue to use it? (we need more time to be able to upgrade to the V2)

Exemple of API working before last week

POST : https://sdeuc1.eu-central-1.shapediver.com/ticket/12345

	"max_wait_time": 10000,
    "exports": {
        "id": "89a153e1f44c556d17edd87de09e2da1"
    "parameters": {
        "f7f219f5-f689-427e-8347-e3a46f9da2e2" : true,
        "edd673eb-65e8-4ffa-ae97-0e625c46e4ad" : "1",
        "fff48e91-f893-4734-95c2-244c33213f16" : "301",
        "c3965391-e3ab-47fc-943e-b395a461b2df" : "500",
        "f5e35fe4-1e3c-4fbc-9b5c-82a29d930b95" : "1.5",
        "d4620a17-e114-4a42-9a97-218a90aeb779" : "27",
        "bd44d071-8f5f-49cd-a0a1-02b778210438" : "30",
        "3bc2c306-bd31-4967-b141-8226a813de8b" : "27",
        "5101238b-d91f-43cb-805f-459535f48458" : "30"

Now the response is

    "error": "SdRequestValidationError",
    "desc": "Generic request validation error",
    "message": "Property 'max_wait_time' is not a valid parameter id"

Thanks for your help

@olivia3 many thanks for reporting this, it seems we broke the “export request as part of session init request” functionality recently, we will fix this bug with high priority, latest within two days from now.

@olivia3 we have deployed a fix, please try again and let me know wether the issue has been solved.

it’s working on postman so should work on our website again !

Thanks :slight_smile: