ShapeDiver crashed, or new version update?

An error prevents loading the shapediver.
Tested on several different accounts. Some problem? Can you report what happened?

{"error":{"message":"Geometry Backend Fetch TicketRequest resulted in Bad Request.","description":"Call to geometry backend resulted in bad request error. Tried 'https:\/\/\/fe470d8f-8707-4d5b-ad8b-ff6d11ce6032\/ticket'. Model ref id: fe470d8f-8707-4d5b-ad8b-ff6d11ce6032. Backend system: https:\/\/ Error: Server error: `POST https:\/\/\/fe470d8f-8707-4d5b-ad8b-ff6d11ce6032\/ticket` resulted in a `500 Internal Server Error` response:\n{\"collection\":{\"error\":{},\"href\":\"https:\/\/\",\"items\":[],\"links\":[],\"queries\":[],\"t (truncated...)\n","href":null,"code":20050105}}



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We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties due to a maintenance update. The functionality should be working again. Do you still have issues with your account?

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@pvilarim this issue has been caused due to a temporary issue introduced by an update which we rolled out two days ago. Please let us know whether the problem persists, it should be fixed already. We deeply apologise for any inconveniences caused.

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Hi Alexander.
Everything is fine now!
Thanks for the team’s help.
thanks @pavol