Ok SubD and Grasshopper ... and then?

Just give priority to the new, SubD and Grasshopper, but, I hope, that the classic Nurbs modeling tools will not be neglected or improved in a very long time.
If I look at the list of bugs, improvements and futures introduced (youtrack), 80% of them relate to SubD and Grasshopper.
The improvements to the fillets, to the shell, offset srf, blend srf, extrude srf tapered, patch, booleans… (some futures not yet added date back to 2018, two years ago!) are very few, in my opinion.


Yes, it’s true that Grasshopper doesn’t have many basic rhino nurbs commands yet
Like curveRegion Offsetpolysurface and .softmove softeditsurface,…?
However, they can be created in c # or python
But this need is felt to be created in Grasshopper tools


Many borderline cases and major command futures have lagged behind. From Rhino 5, I thought that in Rhino 6 they were solved, but nothing! With Rhino 7? There is not only SubD, that is a part of the development.
The srf blend is embarrassing: it is possible that after so many years it is not possible to make a blend with continuity at the ends of the edges, as happened in vsr.
If a user wants to buy Rhino, it is not enough to provide them with SubD and Grasshopper, or to add some small “cosmetic” options to the basic Rhino commands, a development is needed that can solve all the known shortcomings, without dragging them from version to version, for many decades !

Is an opinion of many users to which I refer, I do not want to negatively criticize the development work that seems to me more than excellent!

Many of issues in our YouTrack database are not visible to you.

When we migrated our old bugtracking system over to Youtrack all of the existing issues were marked as only visible by internal McNeel employees. Also, new issues are marked as visible only to McNeel employees as default. This is to ensure that any private information was not accidentally made available. We need to manually mark as issue as visible to everyone.

I wouldn’t make decisions about what is being worked on based on what you can see in YouTrack as you aren’t really seeing the whole picture.

I am not referring only to bug tracking, but to many comments from users and possible Cad buyers, including Rhinoceros.
I am an architect / journalist and I listen, read, document myself on many cad software. Rhino is very performing, costs the right price, but still lacking in many aspects that could be reviewed and considered, some, neglected for some time. Attention to Nurbs commands is fundamental, priority; subDs are a welcome future but let’s remember that Rhino will never be able to match Modo, Maya, 3D studio max or Cinema4D.

I realize that this is a single item on our “what’s new page”

Curve Surface Intersections - improves results for trims, splits and booleans. Also in our testing results can be 4x faster in some cases

Improving the Curve Surface intersector is fundamental to many of our NURBS geometry commands and operations. A lot of work has and is being done in this area.

Thank you for listening.
Do a great job, you’re a great “little” team, listen to your users;
Since Rhino 4 you have done a job of continuous progress.

The Cad market has changed from that of many years ago.
By now almost all the most important cad (but also the smaller and less expensive ones) do a little of everything, from nurbs modeling, to Subdivision surfaces, to 2D, to parametric, rendering.
You have to choose Rhino not only because it costs little money, but because it can offer performing tools like other renowned software.
Who is used to modeling with polygonal cad does not choose Rhino, but looks at other types of software; that’s why Rhino should focus on all the aspects that made him famous. Let’s not forget it!

God job again. :wink: