Why it's awesome to work with SubD in Rhino but terrible in Grasshopper?

Hi everyone

Using SubD is crucial for a project that I develop. I appreciate growing Rhino’s toolset and it’s a pleasure to work with. In my geometry, there are some parts that have to be adjusted dynamically in Grasshopper and it’s very difficult for me to achieve a satisfying result. I would like to hear your opinion on working with SubD in Grasshopper, or a suggestion of plugins or tools used to fill the gap. There are very few SubD components in Grasshopper and I don’t know why.

I would like to achieve somehow similar workflow that I am used to from Rhino. For example:

  • Select SubD face (subobject) and reference it to Grasshopper. Maybe a component that takes SuD as a reference, allows user to select its faces and update the component (button?). This should allow the user to play with SubD faces in the context of the whole SubD.
  • Set crease option for specific vertices / edges of a SubD.
  • “Reflect”. I actually have no idea how to simply rebuild this command in Grasshopper.
  • Get “gumball plane” for selected (sub)objects of SubD aligned to an object (get a plane aligned to a selection).

What’s the status of Grasshopper SubD components development? Can we expect some more or is it better to dive in the documentation to write our own solutions in C#?

Let’s discuss this! :wink: