Offsetting polysurface from subd (or blending offset surfaces)

Following up on this previous post:

(I’m trying to create a CV boot-like attachment from a subd loft connecting an inner cuff and 4 outer tabs which will mount to the device.)

I was able to get the pipe trim method to work well in creating a continuous surface between the subd loft and the nurbs cuff/tab surfaces on either end of the boot. It helped to go back and simplify the profile curves and reduce the number of folds/sections in the subd loft.

The issue I’m running into now is adding thickness to the whole thing to 3d print it (aiming for about 1/16" thick). The inner cuff and 4 outer tabs (which will mount to the device) I’m able to offset easily – but whether it’s all joined or not, the lofted boot surface and the blended part are not offsetting without leaving a bunch of gaps and naked edges.

I noticed that offsetting the subd (before I trim and join it) seems to work, but it ends up intersecting itself – something I can manually fix by moving the faces around. Just not sure how to then go about blending/joining the parts together if I offset to them individually.

Is there a better way to fix the issue of offsetting the joined surface in step 4? – or some way to blend the individually offset parts in step 6? Thanks!

cvbootattachment-v2.3dm (17.2 MB)

I was able to offset the original subd shape use pipe trim and blendsrf to connect portions of the edge to the outer tabs. I did this for an offset version too (trying to maybe construct a solid manually) - but trying sweep2 and loft to close the outer edges is not working.