Offsett a brep in grasshopper?

offsett (5.2 KB)

hello everyone!!! i’m trying to do an offsett of this geometry, but cannot do it in a proper way. i tried deconstructing the brep, offsett each face, but of course, i need it close, not by single faces.

how do i do it? i thought also scaling it, but i need this by a fixed amount…

i’m getting crazy haha


Do you mean like this?
offsett (13.1 KB)

You can implement this method in a GHPython or C# scripting component:

I’m not on a Rhino 6 computer right now, so afraid I can’t provide an example file.

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I’m sorry for the late response. I couldn’t check it out yet because of lack of time. I will check it out today and i’ll tell you, buy yes, that is the idea!

It’s fine! For this project i’m using rhino 5, so there’s no problem. thank you so much!

i never used c# so… i’m figuring out how to use upload the script :grimacing:

There is a problem, that method won’t work for Rhino 5 :grinning:, only will work for Rhino 6 C#

ou, that’s sad :((((

uhm, but anyway, how do i upload a script? o do you know a nice tutorial for that? haha

It will also work just fine in GHPython (but yes, this API method is new in Rhino 6) :wink:

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Honestly don’t know why I wrote C# there :smiley: obviously only the Rhinocommon version matters, works for VB as well.

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@kts.nguyenhoangloc that appears to work only if the brep is symmetrical in x and y directions. I have tried your script on a rectangular box and the offset (x) only applies correctly to the shorter dimension. This is presumably the result of scaling. Should two separate scaling components be set up for the 2 dimensions?