OffsetSubD is incorrect for this Objects

OffsetSubD is incorrect for this Objects

hi @BrianJ It may be difficult for the second figure due to the Mobius offset property, but why is the offset wrong for the first object?
offsetSubD wrongs.3dm (1.3 MB)
I think Unify ُ SubDNormals, like mesh, should be added to tools and mesh tools
Another problem is that quad remesh also works incorrectly on the Mobius object! Maybe this is also wrong from the normal vector ?!

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the mobius is doing exactly what the normals are telling it to do… you can’t offset a mobius…

as for the other one, the normals on this part are backwards-

not sure how it was created, but a simple extract, normal flip and join, returns the world to normal…

use the dir command to show the normals… all sins are revealed!