offsetCurveOnSurface for mesh?

Hi guys,

So I’m attempting to create and apply some curves in a specific pattern on a mesh object. I was using curve projection but there are instances where I need exact spacing between certain curves (with projection, warping is an issue), this is where the offsetCurveOnSurface command would be very useful, if you could also do it on a mesh. Are there any alternatives for this?

Hello - If you have a curve on a mesh, it will be a polyline. If the mesh is not too heavily ‘curved’ in the distance to be offset, you can make, probably, a reasonable approximation by converting the stating polyline to a smooth curve (CurveThroughPolyline then making a pipe of offset distance in radius from that. Mesh the pipe surfac. Last, and MeshIntersect the pipe and the mesh. This might all work better in the V7/WIP since the mesh intersection code has been greatly improved.


Very interesting solution, thank you so much Pascal!