Offsetting on a surface makes a not uniform offset

i am trying to offset a curve on a surface but the offset needs to be the same all the way, its just not work, what am i doing wrong?

Hi mitviz - please post a file with the surface, the curve and the results you do not like - I’ll take a look.


model.3dm (524.7 KB)
here you go

Hi mitviz - OffsetCrvOnSrf is what you’re after, I think.


yeah, to bet it offseting equally from the starting point, near one end you can see how the offset gets thinner

Hi mitviz - this is what I get -

model_OffsetCrvOnSrf_PG.3dm (102.5 KB)

Is that not what you see when you do the offset?


actually no, i was seeing the shape you see in the model there, this is nice! thanks man!

i think i was using some other command then to get this, not sure now but this is exactly what i needed! thank you!