Offset trouble

Hello folks, this is my first post here. Fairly new to rhino. Basically I’m trying to build a sign and I’m trying to make sure that the pieces I cut fit together. The black outside line defines the outer edge of the shapes, and the green is an attempt to trace that black line with a .25 offset. I want it to stay true to the curve though, as if a .25 bit would be cutting an offset path. I tried fileting the corners but it isn’t working. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks and thanks!

uploading the file hereIMAGINE-offset-problems2.3dm (9.2 MB)

in the Offset command, there’s an option for round corners instead of sharp…
try that?

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That’s beautiful!!! Thank you! Here’s another one, for some reason when I select an object and press delete it won’t delete. Hasn’t been a problem until today. Having to go to edit - delete… any clues?

Hi Michael - are you on a PC or running on Mac hardware? Does restarting Rhino help?


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I’m on pc, restart fixed it! I’m a bone head! Thank you!