Offset a solid?

Hi all.

I have a series of solids that I’ve modelled from extrusions, booleans, etc, and now I want to try and offset them within themselves, effectively to create wall and roof thicknesses without having to create a copy and manipulate each face individually, or model each element individually. Not sure if this is possible, but if there is a quick way to do such a thing it’d be great to hear about it :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just tried offset surface with object selected, worked first time for what I was wanting to do…

There is also the “Shell” Command. Which may get you a result you want. On the left side is a box 32x32x32, on the right I ran the “shell” command and selected the front face which gave me a wall thickness of 1 (you can change in the command line)for all the other faces. It can sometimes give weird results but usually works for me. See image below.

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This may work better for what I’m doing, thanks a lot!