Offsetsrf taking forever

I have about an hour ago now offset a rather larger polysurface and Rhino is still working on the command. I was wondering if this proccess is using ram, or the processor so I know what needs to be upgraded.

After an hour, probably neither, it’s just hung… Check the task manager to see if Rhino is still alive. Even if the processor is still running at full tilt, if the memory usage remains stuck and doesn’t move at all, you’re probably out of luck…


How many individual surfaces in the polysurface?

final finished the process after hour and a half. It never gave me an unresponsive message. unfortunately it looks like there where a few surfaces that did not offset properly so ya… I was able to pull up performance monitor and it looks like the processor was running heavy but i have an i7 so is there even an upgrade available that would be worth it?

Which version of Rhino - Rhino 5 64 bit?


Hi Grant - as David asked above- what’s the number of surfaces in the object… ( the What command)?