Offset SubD in grasshopper

Hi All,
I was wondering if it the Offset SubD function is already available somehow in grasshopper, maybe through a script?


As a single component that command doesn’t exist yet but you can do it this way with Weaverbird’s Mesh Thicken on the extracted control polygon from the SubD. All the SubD tools are in the Surface tab in GH but whatever you can do on a mesh can lead back to a SubD.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your reply. I will give this method a try.
I will first need to figure out how to get weaverbird working in rhino 7 WIP because it seems this plugin is not available in my WIP version ( even though i have it installed in rhino 6)

Can you add WB with the PackageManager command in the Rhino 7 WIP?

Pufferfish’s offset mesh works pretty well, too.

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