Subd Offset in Grasshopper

Hello Guys, I am hoping someone can help me with this one. I am trying to do a Subd Offset in Grasshopper and I found this post, suggested using “Rhino.Geometry.SubD.Offset”

Is this a Rhino Command? If yes, could someone teach me how to us it? Many Thanks!!!


no it’s a Rhinocommon command

see if this helps: (4.1 KB)

Hi Gijs !! Thanks a lot! . This is great. However, I am wondering why sometimes I will get invalid subd ? and when I try to replicate the same function with C# it failed. Have I done something wrong? I am new with Rhino command. Do you have a good tutorial that you recommend ? Thank you ! (18.5 KB)

in C# you need to declare all your variables, so also y and z need to be specified (to double and bool respectively)

also lines in C# need to end with a semicolon

A = x.Offset(y, z);

as for the subd invalid, it has to do with some of the creases, but other than that, I don’t know. Do you get invalid results also with more cleanly layed-out subds? This shape seems to be rather random.

Hi Gijs! That works! Thanks again! I think you are right, the model might be a bit too twisted, but it seems to work fine even though it says the model is invalid. Also, if I convert the SubD to Nurbs and polysurfaces, is there a way I can offset a thickness with clean corners and joins in GH?